About SB Realcon Pvt. Ltd.

S.B. Realcon Pvt. Ltd. is a professionally progressive Real Estate and Construction Company of Orissa, providing suitable residential Plots and furnished houses for esteems Customers and also taking care to the Comfort and need of customers.

SB Realcon Pvt. Ltd. has been successfully in the industry and commerce for over 10 years providing widely appreciated innovative and practical ideas that are implemented in its projects. The most noted feature is that it has been successful in setting proper milestones and achieving it in time. SB Realcon Pvt. Ltd. is a registered Company under Companies Act, 1956.The Company has become a household name today in the city of Bhubaneswar.

Established in 2000, SB Realcon Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as a leading real estate developer of the state. SB Realcon Pvt. Ltd. has successfully executed / completed a number of real estate projects including row housing complex, commercial complex and apartments in Bhubaneswar.

SB Realcon Pvt. Ltd. having its Corporate office at Bhubaneswar, the modern capital of Odisha, coveted destination as the city of cathedrals, in ongoing 22nd century, is supposed to touch the fragile and splendour of its beauty with the raising and sky kissing towers. Bhubaneswar, the land of antiquities, monuments and handicrafts can be portrayed as now the apex of its globalisation. Bhubaneswar, has a flavour of antiquity, with weather beaten traces of the medieval ages, having stacked its surroundings. It still retains a part of its Art and Architecture of the bygones era still persists and you can see it leaping out of every city corners.But the city's skyline is changing fast. The city is expanding fast and posing challenges for the architects and the builders.

SB Realcon Pvt. Ltd. is a popular name among the scores of builders in the city that stands for supreme quality at an affordable price. It strongly believes in beauty and comfort. It has now many ongoing & forthcoming projects after the maiden venture of the firm. The second scheme of 60 individual houses in the same area was sold out before the project was completed. The construction activities have to be carried out matching the existing beauty of the city and also to the list of customer who dreams to live in a decent home at an affordable price with Vaastu compliant.

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